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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back to the Center

*The Skyscraper*
Let's start with the skyscraper that we observed today.I figured that I could compare this building to the church located in College Hill because they have some similarities, but they also have several differences. The skyscraper and the church in College Hill are both "turfs". The skyscraper is like a turf because of the height and design of the building. It's like no other building in the city. The church is like a turf because of the long stairs that lead up to the church and the location. It's actually located on the corner of a street. The difference is that the skyscraper is more like an "epitome district", where the church i s more like one of the "fronts" of the neighborhood.

*The Alleys*
The center of downtown Greensboro and College Hill both have alleys, but they have different qualities and purposes. The alleys that we observed today in downtown Greensboro are more artistic and a little bit smaller than the ones in College Hill. The alley with the artistic water slide looking thing was so that the water would run down into a box when it rains and to cover up the other side. The other alley was so that the city could put a few little stores such as the bakery in it. The alleys in College Hill are more for parking and getting to the back of houses or apartments. Both of these alleys were like "strips" and possibly "infills".

*The KRESS Building*
We didn't talk about the KRESS building much but after observing it, I compared it to the caf on campus. Both of these buildings are like "beats" because this is where several people go often. The difference is that the caf is like a "sink" or a "stack", whereas KRESS is like part of a "strip". This is more like a strip because several people are walking or driving up and down this road everyday. It catches people's attention because it serves food and entertainment.

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