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Thursday, October 29, 2009

On the Other Side of the Tracks

Overall the observations that we observed on South Elm Street, I noticed that there were more stores(on both sides of the street) back in 1925 than now. I noticed that there are currently a lot of vacant and non existing places. I am not surprised that there were more stores back then because currently, several of those old, or so called traditional stores, are either too old-fashioned or running out of business, due to the fact that this generation does not visit these type of stores very often. For example, The Princess Mary Shop(536 South Elm Street) probably didn't last very long because as the years went on, people were probably becoming less fund of the merchandise or the store itself.

After looking at the grid, I noticed a few stores that lasted for a long period of time. These stores probably didn't run out of business possibly because of the importance or the quality of the merchandise. These stores/places included the Southern Railroad, The Salvation Army, Southside Hardware Company, Coe Grocery, Kindley's Used Office Furniture, and Rhyne's Corner Cupboard Antiques. These stores are very important to several people such as The Salvation Army for the poor, Southside Hardware Company for car related places, and Coe Grocery for food supplies. The Southern Railway, of course, still exists today because Greensboro is known for traveling, especially on the train. This is something that was established a while back and will continue to progress because it has and always will help people to get to their destinations.

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