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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today we observed certain properties such as the Wafco Mill, the apartment buildings, Greensboro College, the skyscraper, and other old industrial buildings.
-- Let's start with the Wafco Mill. The Wafco Mill complex, as we know of, used to be and apartment or possibly a factory building due to the brick material and multiple windows. I also noticed the railroad track that is not in use anymore. The railroad track could have been a transporter for people and for the supplies of grain and flour. If I was organizing a map or rebuilding things, I would turn the Wafco Mill into an apartment building for students who attend UNCG and Greensboro College. This building is very convienent when it comes to certain buildings on Washington or Blanewood street.
--What about the old brick building behind the new Fulton Place apartments? That building also seemed to be an industrial building in the past. It could've been a small factory or a warehouse. In the place of this building, I would put a parking lot so that there will be more space for students who attend UNCG or live in the apartments to park. It's very convienent because it's right behind the Fulton Place apartments and it is walking distance from the UNCG campus.
--We also observed this white and black building that is to the other side of the Fulton Place apartments. This building could have been a meeting house for UNCG or maybe even a faternity house. I would have also turned this building into an apartment complex so that their will be more space for students from UNCG or Greensboro College to stay. This building is walking distance from the campus and it could also serve as a bus stop.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Side streets & Back alleys

Last week we looked at the main streets(Tate and Mendenhall). These two streets have features such as less driveways, multiple occupancy houses(double-doors), and ancient houses such as the Pink house. Most of the housing materials contain brick, siding, wood trim, and vinyl siding. These streets also have mini parking lots where so students won't have to walk so far.

Side streets such as Carr, Rankin, Walker, and McGee have several different features. Most of these side streets had alleys which some were made for parking. In some of these alleys there were sewage drains and fences that kind of marked each houses territory or "turf". On Carr street we discovered what looked like a storage building or possibly a garage. It was strange to see this because we havn't seen any other building that was like this one. These side streets also had several apartment buildings where Tate and Mendenhall didn't have as many. As it was said in class, their is a mixture of residential students and homeowners who do not attend UNCG. They also have parking issues such as 2-hour parking enforced signs. Tate and Mendenhall has a few more parking spaces than the side streets.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

HSS 105

Let's start with Piety Hill; piety hill is now downtown Greensboro. The downtown area used to be farmland with cows, chickens,etc. Can you imagine that a farm used to be there? One can also tell that it used to be a farm because of the big slope going down. Most farms have big hills like that.

The west end of Mendenhall Street is more like the residential area of UNCG. We discovered several houses today that has been here for a long time. Several of them had people that lived in them that didn't attend UNCG in the past. There were several types of houses such as italianated, classical revival, neo-classical, shingle, and modern. The first three houses that we examined on Mendenhall were classical revival type houses. The first house was the oldest and the second house was the newest. So the west end is like another historical site where many used to live in extraordinary houses.

College Hill is like the circle of schools where it all began. Greensboro College is the oldest college of the other colleges. The other colleges included UNCG, Guilford College, Greensboro College, and Bennet. Most of these schools were founded by woman. College Hill is like saying these are the best colleges in a sense. These colleges have achieved so much in a lifetime and that's why they stand out.


  • When one tries to infill a porch, their purpose may be to make it into steps-make a larger porch-or to make it smaller perhaps.

  • When one tries to infill a farm, their purpose may be to make a small city(such as we saw today)-make a small shopping center-or put more houses there for the community.

  • When one tries to infill a church, their purpose may be to make a bigger church-make more room for small stores-or for more parking lots(as we saw today).

  • When one triesto infill an apartment, their purpose may be to make bigger apartments-make houses instead of apartments-or to make a park for the community.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"College Hill"

As we were walking on the first block of Tate Street, I noticed that most of the houses resembled the last one on our neighborhood survey sheet. These particular houses kind of represent how single/ nuclear family houses are made in this day in time or about 10 years ago. Many also didn't have shutters because shutters was something that was made on houses in the past or about 20-30 years ago.

On the second and third block on Tate from Carr to Market, there were many houses that resembled the first one on our sheet. This kind of shows us how some houses were made in the past because one doesn't see many houses made like this anymore. I also saw a few with the multiple doorways, which is what most of us do see in this day of time due to the fact that they are trying to make more room for multiple residents. There were also less driveways and houses with more foundation plantings.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Assessing Value

Today we explored the Quad, Peabody Park, the Gatewood building, and more. I thought it was kind of cool how the Quad had it's own little turf. The trees and the rectangular structure of the buildings gave off the sense that it was territorial. I also couldn't believe that there used to be a dairy where Peabody Park is now located. I can't forget the Gatewood building; I loved the art that was inside the building.

*The Quad*
Why would they call that area “the quad”? One value that this area has and no other does, is that it is enclosed. It’s like a city within a city as we discussed in class today. The dorms that make up “the quad” are aligned in a rectangular way, which gives it a sense of being exclusive. As a matter of fact, several students that live in this “quad” are involved in fraternity/maternity groups. Most are upperclassmen, which also tells one that this area is very exclusive.
The Quad is also a popular spot for meetings and fun activities. The Quad can also be considered a “center”, as we discussed in class earlier this week. They have activities such as parties, games, and group meetings. Hmmm maybe I should go over there sometime!!! It gives other students who are not from “the quad“ community, an opportunity to explore or just have fun. The only downside about the buildings is that they have no air conditioning! Man, how do they survive in the summer time?!!
The Quad also has other features that give it that exclusive look. It has the sidewalks that are symmetrical and other mini sidewalks that lead to the circle that is in the center of the quad. Earlier in class, we were shown a picture of “the quad” from years and years ago. Today, “the quad” has grown several trees only on the inside, which gives off the sense of being exclusive again. I’m sure that “the quad” will bring back many memories to those that are currently here.

*Peabody Park*
Who in the world named this park Peabody?!!! What a name!!! Can you believe that Peabody Park used to be a dairy a long time ago?!! They had a barn for the processor and the cows for the dairy. As discussed in class earlier, they tore down the barn and in it’s place today is a five-hole golf course. It used to be eighteen holes but they had to reduce the land to thirty-four acres.
Peabody Park has the value of playing sports and natural life. Peabody Park is filled with all kinds of courts to play sports such as soccer, basketball, swimming, and volleyball. Did you ever wonder why UNCG didn’t have a football team? Well everybody ought to know that UNCG used to be a college for women only. So of course there was no women’s football team because football is for men only!!! This park is also filled with beautiful nature and wildlife. The big trees by the volleyball and basketball court is where most of the wildlife is living currently.
Have you ever noticed the paved path? As discussed in class, it used to be a dirt road where the woman would walk back and forth to class. This path was also made for women who were in P.E. because back then women were not considered ladies if they did other exercises besides walking. I mean, come on what’s so bad about running or doing jumping-jacks?!! I’m glad I wasn’t born in that time!

*Gatewood Building*
When I first saw Gatewood, I admired the clear windows so you could see inside the building. You ever notice the beautiful art in the main entrance? That’s the value of this building: beauty, art, and uniqueness. This building, in my opinion, represents the beauty of the campus. It has such fine texture and shape. I’m not sure what the sculpture is coming up the sidewalk toward Gatewood, but it fascinates me in a way.
The paintings on the wall are so beautiful and well classified. I wish I could buy one and hang it up in my room. The art also represents the beauty of our campus. Just think, some of the students that did or is still here at UNCG painted those paintings. Do you know how good that makes us, as the student body look?! Man I wish I was that artistic!
Today, we went up on the fourth floor to explore the rest of the building. Even though it was still under a little construction, I liked how it was designed. It would give me some ideas of how I want my ceiling and my floors made in my home one day. So in other words, this building has a unique interior. It tends to stand out from the other buildings on campus. I also liked how the exterior of the building is made out of glass because not many buildings are made that way. I wouldn’t mind having my office in a building like that. It gives a sense of being unique!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HSS 105

In this building one of the centers was located between the EUC café and the bookstore. It aligned with the other drum that included circular stairs and an information booth to help the students. Between the two drums are convenience stores such as a small market shop and a Starbucks café. This center is informative, and yet a place for social gatherings.

*Jackson Library*
One of the centers in the building was the front of the building called the “porch”. The “porch” has a circular feature with cinder block poles. This center also has similar designs and elements of the EUC and the entrance of the Caf. The Jackson Library also has other centers such as the one by the circular desk. The art on the wall is also another center. The lights and historic features is what labels these centers as a center.

*The Caf*
The Caf is sort of like the EUC. It has the front and back entrances which are like drums and are aligned with each other. One of the centers is the steps that lead to the top where the students get in line to have their card swiped. That whole area is a center because it gives off a lot of light and it has that same circular element that the other two buildings have. The elevation of the steps tend to make it a center also.

*The Meaning of Centers*
When I first saw the EUC I thought that it was a very nice, yet fancy building. The EUC is like the “center” of information and entertainment. They always have informative/special events for the students to attend. For example, about two or three weeks ago they had a party in the Cone ballroom. The EUC also has the bookstore that offers a variety of information such as books of course, and it also has interesting/entertaining elements such as handbags, t-shirts, and UNCG souvenirs.
Gosh, the Jackson Library is pretty tall for a library isn‘t it?!!! The Jackson Library is the “center” of history and education. The Jackson Library contains many historical elements such the art on the wall by the computers and the costumes in the cases by the checkout desk. This building will always remind us how UNCG got started and will motivate us to keep it going. The Jackson Library is also considered the “center” of education because this is mainly where many students come to get their work done so they can pursue their careers.
Who’s hungry?!! The Cafeteria or as we call it the Caf, is the “center” of socializing. Everybody goes to the caf to eat; why not take some friends with you? The Caf is almost like a ritual or routine place where students go to fellowship with their friends or just to hangout. One of the most popular centers of UNCG is the fountain, which is located directly in front of the Caf. The faculty and staff of UNCG also set up table stands for certain events or for something informative. Want to meet some friends? The Caf and the fountain is the place to go!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HSS 105

Today we focused on the Elliot University Center(EUC), the Jackson Library, and the Caf. We identified the different types of centers in each building. I found the EUC's interior design to be very interesting especially the color and the shape.

Friday, September 4, 2009

HSS 105

This is my map!!! I did the best I could!

Photo Assignment

*The Dining Hall*
Every morning and late afternoon, I come here to fellowship with my friends. Of course this fix is important to me because I love to eat! Let's not forget the hangout stack in the front called the famous fountain.

*Curry Building*
The Curry building is very important to me because my major is education. This turf is where I'm going to learn the skills that I need for my career. This building is also along the main strip, Spring Garden Street.

*Foust Park*

This beautiful epitome is where the graduate walk takes place every year from many years back. The park tends to give one a sense of comfort and peace when stressed. It also allows one to get their work done or to just relax.


Everyone knows that the SOAR event takes place at this beat every summer. I met several people here that over time, became very good friends. They always say that most of your best friends come from college.

*Jackson Library*

The Jackson library is where I go to get my work done. I love the peace that it tends to carry. It is also a historical epitome where there is always someone willing to help you when in need of help.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HSS 105

Today we had a chance to view and observe the Julius Foust Building. The building was very interesting as far as the sculpture, location, and ancient building accets such as the weep hole and the earthquake ties. We also noticed how the building had air conditioners in the window instead of automatic air conditioning that we have today. It also didn't have electric or telephone poles around which was quite unusual.