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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Downtown Institutions

*Center City Park*
We discussed in class that there used to be buildings here where Center City Park is now located. They might have reserved this open space for this park because every city needs a spot for nature. People love to be able to come to a peaceful and nonbusy spot to relax. That was probably the purpose of saving that open space for that park. The fountains are the main quality of the park that makes it so comforting. So in other words the park symbolizes equity and peace.
*The Cultural Center*
The Cultural Center seems like a nice place to just come and enjoy yourself. The "avenue" of this building is like saying everybody is welcome to come and look at the performances or look at the beautiful art. I liked how the west exit ended up right where we started. This building gives me the sense of being free and just having fun however you please. It has that positive vibe in it!!! This is probably the reason why citizens feel free to just come there whenever they get ready. It makes your frown turn into a smile!! This building symbolizes happiness.

*The Central Library*
As we observed earlier, the main library used to be where Elon University is now located. They might have moved the library possibly because of space, traffic wise, or to feel the need of reorganizing. One thing that I noticed was the dome on the 2nd floor. In this building the dome means freedom. When I looked up at it, I could see myself flying freely through one of those windows. So can you imagine people who use to be in prison think of when they see that dome?
*The Greensboro Historical Museum*
We discussed earlier that the museum used to be a civic auditorium and a library in between. They might have let this building become a museum because of the importance of the civic auditorium and the library. They were probably also honored to make this building one that will always be remembered. The museum gives one the sense of being somewhat old! You don't even feel like you're in 2009! Some people may like that effect that the museum gives off on them so this is like an advantage.
*The Former Public Library*
As we observed earlier, Elon University used to be the library. I noticed that this library would have been alot smaller than the Central Library. This might have been the reason why they moved it. Both of them were two story but the former library looked more formal than Central Library. In my opinion, the Central Library seems like a library than the former one. The former library looks more like a business or bank complex.


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