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Monday, November 9, 2009

Retail(Blog #1)

*The Friendly Center*
A few original, or should I say old, buildings that I observed at the Friendly Center were Animal Clinic, Radio Shack, Ritz Camera, Catherine's Plus Sizes, and Chuck E Cheese. These stores particularly serve to plus size women, children between 5 and 13, pet owners, and people who favor electronics. The original buildings seem to have gray and dull brick material. It looks dirty as if it hasn't been washed in years which signifies how often people visit or shop on that side of the Friendly Center. On the new side of the Friendly Center we have a few stores such as AT&T, Hallmark, The Apple, Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, Pablano, and New York Company. I noticed that there are more clothing, hygienic, and electronic stores than the original side. This signifies how the generations have upgraded tremendously. Back then, they didn't have as much technology and variety of clothing as we do today.

*Four Seasons*
Other than the Friendly Center, we have Four Seasons. Four Seasons has a great variety of shopping stores. They have shoe stores, clothing stores, restaurants, cellular phone stores, toy stores, etc. Several people come from different cities to visit the Four Seasons mall which signifies its popularity and quality of the mall.

*Battleground Park*
Battleground Park is a very historical site for the community to visit. We observed a lot of information about Battleground Park and some of the famous people that were involved in it.

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