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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Open Spaces(Blog #3)

The place that represented open space was Battleground Park. The openness of the park kind of gives the people of the community a sense of relief and comfort. Even though there was a battle that occurred there, it symbolizes peace. I noticed that it was not trashy and everyone was at ease. Parks that are trashy and noisy tend to be the ones that symbolize war instead of peace. The statues, for some odd reason, give you the sense that they are actually there. The excessive wind made me think of spirits flying around while looking at several statues. Not only do they signify spirit existence, but also honor. When one looks at the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C., they automatically respect it. It's the same with statues; when you look at them, you honor or favor that person for their honorary work. The Greensboro organizers probably decided not to make a town around the park because it should be a place where one can come and relax and comfort themselves. Normally it's very busy and noisy in a town, so it wouldn't suit it.

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