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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Overall Reflection(Blog #5)

After visiting several specific sites and places, I view the world in a whole new perspective. When I go to places that I never been before, I tend to pay closer attention to the details and quality of the building. Now I actually value the building of its design and material believe it or not. We visited places such as College Hill, College Park, downtown Greensboro, the J. Douglas Galyon Depot, and Battleground Park. These sites all have different, yet similar qualities. All of them have an important history and they have a special quality about them. Such as the J. Douglas Galyon Depot, who has an important history of transportation by bus and train. College Hill has a history of college students attending UNCG. Downtown Greensboro has several special stores that come and go. As far as my final project, I'm thinking about concentrating on the J. Douglas Galyon Depot because I have actually had some experience with it.

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