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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Roadway(Blog #4)

As we were riding on Wendover Avenue from I-40, I noticed that there are typically more building types than on, lets say Elm Street. Elm Street had more small restauants, coffee shops, shopping stores, and hair salons. Whereas on Wendover, there are more bigger shopping centers, drug stores, grocery stores, car dealerships, restaurants, and hotels. Some examples are CVS, Target, Walmart, IHOP, Bojangles, Subway, Honda Dealership, Infiniti Dealership, and the Hyatt. I noticed that there are car dealerships on one end of Wendover and restaurants and shopping centers on the other. This signifies the importance transportation is in this area of Greensboro. Elm Street is more of a small downtown area, whereas Wendover Ave. is more of a big shopping strip. I also noticed how Wendover has more business/job related buildings than Elm Street does.

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