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Thursday, September 17, 2009

HSS 105

Let's start with Piety Hill; piety hill is now downtown Greensboro. The downtown area used to be farmland with cows, chickens,etc. Can you imagine that a farm used to be there? One can also tell that it used to be a farm because of the big slope going down. Most farms have big hills like that.

The west end of Mendenhall Street is more like the residential area of UNCG. We discovered several houses today that has been here for a long time. Several of them had people that lived in them that didn't attend UNCG in the past. There were several types of houses such as italianated, classical revival, neo-classical, shingle, and modern. The first three houses that we examined on Mendenhall were classical revival type houses. The first house was the oldest and the second house was the newest. So the west end is like another historical site where many used to live in extraordinary houses.

College Hill is like the circle of schools where it all began. Greensboro College is the oldest college of the other colleges. The other colleges included UNCG, Guilford College, Greensboro College, and Bennet. Most of these schools were founded by woman. College Hill is like saying these are the best colleges in a sense. These colleges have achieved so much in a lifetime and that's why they stand out.


  • When one tries to infill a porch, their purpose may be to make it into steps-make a larger porch-or to make it smaller perhaps.

  • When one tries to infill a farm, their purpose may be to make a small city(such as we saw today)-make a small shopping center-or put more houses there for the community.

  • When one tries to infill a church, their purpose may be to make a bigger church-make more room for small stores-or for more parking lots(as we saw today).

  • When one triesto infill an apartment, their purpose may be to make bigger apartments-make houses instead of apartments-or to make a park for the community.

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