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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Side streets & Back alleys

Last week we looked at the main streets(Tate and Mendenhall). These two streets have features such as less driveways, multiple occupancy houses(double-doors), and ancient houses such as the Pink house. Most of the housing materials contain brick, siding, wood trim, and vinyl siding. These streets also have mini parking lots where so students won't have to walk so far.

Side streets such as Carr, Rankin, Walker, and McGee have several different features. Most of these side streets had alleys which some were made for parking. In some of these alleys there were sewage drains and fences that kind of marked each houses territory or "turf". On Carr street we discovered what looked like a storage building or possibly a garage. It was strange to see this because we havn't seen any other building that was like this one. These side streets also had several apartment buildings where Tate and Mendenhall didn't have as many. As it was said in class, their is a mixture of residential students and homeowners who do not attend UNCG. They also have parking issues such as 2-hour parking enforced signs. Tate and Mendenhall has a few more parking spaces than the side streets.

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  1. nice overview of side streets + back alleys...but you need to push further to be sure that you are analyzing...and include commentary ALONG WITH your images.