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Friday, September 4, 2009

Photo Assignment

*The Dining Hall*
Every morning and late afternoon, I come here to fellowship with my friends. Of course this fix is important to me because I love to eat! Let's not forget the hangout stack in the front called the famous fountain.

*Curry Building*
The Curry building is very important to me because my major is education. This turf is where I'm going to learn the skills that I need for my career. This building is also along the main strip, Spring Garden Street.

*Foust Park*

This beautiful epitome is where the graduate walk takes place every year from many years back. The park tends to give one a sense of comfort and peace when stressed. It also allows one to get their work done or to just relax.


Everyone knows that the SOAR event takes place at this beat every summer. I met several people here that over time, became very good friends. They always say that most of your best friends come from college.

*Jackson Library*

The Jackson library is where I go to get my work done. I love the peace that it tends to carry. It is also a historical epitome where there is always someone willing to help you when in need of help.

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