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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HSS 105

In this building one of the centers was located between the EUC café and the bookstore. It aligned with the other drum that included circular stairs and an information booth to help the students. Between the two drums are convenience stores such as a small market shop and a Starbucks café. This center is informative, and yet a place for social gatherings.

*Jackson Library*
One of the centers in the building was the front of the building called the “porch”. The “porch” has a circular feature with cinder block poles. This center also has similar designs and elements of the EUC and the entrance of the Caf. The Jackson Library also has other centers such as the one by the circular desk. The art on the wall is also another center. The lights and historic features is what labels these centers as a center.

*The Caf*
The Caf is sort of like the EUC. It has the front and back entrances which are like drums and are aligned with each other. One of the centers is the steps that lead to the top where the students get in line to have their card swiped. That whole area is a center because it gives off a lot of light and it has that same circular element that the other two buildings have. The elevation of the steps tend to make it a center also.

*The Meaning of Centers*
When I first saw the EUC I thought that it was a very nice, yet fancy building. The EUC is like the “center” of information and entertainment. They always have informative/special events for the students to attend. For example, about two or three weeks ago they had a party in the Cone ballroom. The EUC also has the bookstore that offers a variety of information such as books of course, and it also has interesting/entertaining elements such as handbags, t-shirts, and UNCG souvenirs.
Gosh, the Jackson Library is pretty tall for a library isn‘t it?!!! The Jackson Library is the “center” of history and education. The Jackson Library contains many historical elements such the art on the wall by the computers and the costumes in the cases by the checkout desk. This building will always remind us how UNCG got started and will motivate us to keep it going. The Jackson Library is also considered the “center” of education because this is mainly where many students come to get their work done so they can pursue their careers.
Who’s hungry?!! The Cafeteria or as we call it the Caf, is the “center” of socializing. Everybody goes to the caf to eat; why not take some friends with you? The Caf is almost like a ritual or routine place where students go to fellowship with their friends or just to hangout. One of the most popular centers of UNCG is the fountain, which is located directly in front of the Caf. The faculty and staff of UNCG also set up table stands for certain events or for something informative. Want to meet some friends? The Caf and the fountain is the place to go!!!

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