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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today we observed certain properties such as the Wafco Mill, the apartment buildings, Greensboro College, the skyscraper, and other old industrial buildings.
-- Let's start with the Wafco Mill. The Wafco Mill complex, as we know of, used to be and apartment or possibly a factory building due to the brick material and multiple windows. I also noticed the railroad track that is not in use anymore. The railroad track could have been a transporter for people and for the supplies of grain and flour. If I was organizing a map or rebuilding things, I would turn the Wafco Mill into an apartment building for students who attend UNCG and Greensboro College. This building is very convienent when it comes to certain buildings on Washington or Blanewood street.
--What about the old brick building behind the new Fulton Place apartments? That building also seemed to be an industrial building in the past. It could've been a small factory or a warehouse. In the place of this building, I would put a parking lot so that there will be more space for students who attend UNCG or live in the apartments to park. It's very convienent because it's right behind the Fulton Place apartments and it is walking distance from the UNCG campus.
--We also observed this white and black building that is to the other side of the Fulton Place apartments. This building could have been a meeting house for UNCG or maybe even a faternity house. I would have also turned this building into an apartment complex so that their will be more space for students from UNCG or Greensboro College to stay. This building is walking distance from the campus and it could also serve as a bus stop.


  1. I like your idea about student housing that could be really cool to live in and the location is really great!

  2. while your approach to provide additional student housing is laudable, i'm not sure that the idea of a parking lot has long-lasting impact to move beyond the automobile-dependent current society we live in...interesting photographs: make sure you're providing annotations for each of them. be more complete in your analysis.